Research Interests

We employ computer simulations, combined with thermodynamics and statistical mechanics theory, to study soft-condensed matter, in particular, liquids, nanoparticle systems, and glasses. Our research is driven both by applications and fundamental questions. Application-driven research topics include the characterization of liquids at interfaces and in nanoscale confinement, the study of solvent-induced interactions and self-assembly processes in aqueous solutions. Research projects driven by fundamental questions in soft-condensed matter include the study of glassy water and aqueous solutions, and their role in the stabilization of biomolecules at low temperature (e.g., cryopreservation).



  • F. O. Akinkunmi, D. A. Jahn, N. Giovambattista, Effects of Temperature on the Thermodynamic and Dynamical Properties of Glycerol−Water Mixtures: A Computer Simulation Study of Three Different Force Fields, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015, , 6250−61
  • A. Gordon, N. Giovambattista, Glass Transitions in a Monatomic Liquid With Two Glassy States, Physical Review Letters, 2014, 112, 145701
  • G. Sun, N. Giovambattista, E. Wang, L. Xu, Effects of Surface Structure and Solvophilicity on the Crystallization of Confined Liquids, Soft Matter, 2013, 9, 11374
  • N. Giovambattista, P. G. Debenedetti, P. .J. Rossky, Computational Studies of Pressure, Temperature and Surface Effects on the Structure and Thermodynamics of Confined Water, Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, 2012, 63, 179-200
  • N. Giovambattista, P. J. Rossky, P. G. Debenedetti, Phase Transitions Induced by Nanoconfinement in Liquid Water, Physical Review Letters, 2009, 102, 050603-1


Job History

  • 2008 - Current : Assistant Professor of Physics, Brooklyn College
  • 2009 - 2015 : Graduate Deputy, Brooklyn College
  • 2004 - 2008 : Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University, NJ
  • 1999 - 2004 : Ph.D Physics, Boston University, MA