Ankit obtained his B.Tech degree in Bio-technology from SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu (India). In 2011, he joined Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research as a Ph.D. student under Prof. Subi J. George. His research work focused on dynamic charge transfer aggregates and temporal control of their self-assembly. He has also worked on clay-chromophore conjugates and their pertinent photo-chemistry. Currently, he is working with Prof. Rein Ulijn as a postdoctoral research associate at ASRC, CUNY. His work mainly focuses on development of dynamic peptide libraries towards answering questions pertaining to chemical origin of life.

Research Interests

Chemical origin of life, Peptide chemistry, Chrage transfer complexes, Amphiphilic assemblies, Non-equillibrium aggregates, Photochemistry, Clay hybrids.



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