Are you interested in studying for a PhD in Chemistry or Physics in New York City with practical research in nanoscience?

We are looking for enthusiastic graduate students who are interested in world-leading interdisciplinary science!

The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center offers access to state-of-the-art facilities for nanoscience research in support of a PhD in Chemistry or Physics, including access to the internationally-recognized faculty and staff housed at the CUNY ASRC and the many CUNY colleges.

Nanoscience research at CUNY incorporates all of the physical sciences: chemistry, physics, biology, materials, and theoretical sciences. A graduate research project in nanoscience typically combines a mixture of each of these specializations, providing a well-rounded training program and can result in applicable knowledge and skills that greatly enhance career options.

In addition to the internationally-recognized nanoscience research faculty at the CUNY ASRC and CUNY colleges across the five boroughs of NYC, we are integrated with the growing research community taking root throughout the metro area, including Columbia University, NYU, and biomedical research centers on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The combination of amazing facilities, strong academics, and community integration, makes CUNY a unique home for obtaining a graduate research degree in one of the most exciting cities of the world. The CUNY ASRC offers everything you need to successfully achieve a prestigious research degree.

CUNY PhD programs in Chemistry or Physics are offered through The Graduate Center at The City University of New York, and include a mixture of taught classes and research projects. Taught classes are typically attended at The Graduate Center in Midtown Manhattan, and research projects are performed at various CUNY colleges throughout NYC, including the CUNY ASRC.

Research projects can be discussed and determined under the supervision of research faculty you chose to work with during the course of your degree. Furthermore, The Graduate Center can offer full scholarships, housing at one of the CUNY student dormitories in NYC, and access to affordable healthcare.

For full information on research degrees, please visit The Graduate Center website.

Please look through our nanoscience research interests and faculty list for more detailed information on specific research areas and expertise of individual academics.